Beagle: A tool that empowers individuals and teams to organize and share scientific insights

There is latency between scientific revolutions. One step toward achieving greater and more systematic scientific progress, is aggregating, parsing, and analyzing the tacit knowledge of scientists. This metaknowledge includes interesting findings, accepted vs. radical approaches, biases coming into play, and worthwhile next steps. Currently, we do not have a way to share scientific insights outside of peer-reviewed articles at large scales. Conferences and collaborations are useful but have limited reach. Boyden and his team seek to create a plug-in that will allow researchs to convert this implicit knowledge in papers to an explicit form. Scientists will be able to search these meta-insights, enter annotations or notes, and view the meta-information overlaying a paper or search result. The plug-in will use interface design principles and social network structures to incentivize users. In addition to being a useful tool for scholars willing to share their tacit insights, this project is of interest to metaknowledge research, which can both mine this large dataset of semantic tags, and use the growth of the system to inform future development of user-based metaknowledge tools.