Schools of Thought

This project seeks to define, find and analyze differences in schools of thought that appear to emerge as groups coalesce around common motivations, ways of thinking and shared goals. Some questions that we are trying to answer include:


  • What are the boundaries of a school of thought?
  • Where should we locate them institutionally, socially, discursively, methodologically?
  • How can metaknowledge become a lens through which to isolate and track the evolution of distinct schools of thought?
  • Can such information also be used to create a topology of different types of schools (e.g., generative, conservative, closed, open, innovative, conformist, imitative, inventive, etc.)?
  • Is it possible to uncover schools of thought that are not expressly identified or named (e.g., the telescoping of historical time in the discipline of history)?
  • Can we qualify a school’s state as emerging, dying, stagnating, innovating, etc.?
  • Are there conditions that are particularly ripe for the emergence of schools of thought?
  • Do schools emerge within a subject or from converging agreement on something outside a subject?