Disambiguation Working Group

The explosion of digital information offers an unprecedented opportunity to study the dynamics that shape human understanding, investigation and certainty. Yet, it also presents enormous challenges. One particularly vexing problem is the so called “Record Linkage and de-duplication” problem. Knowledge Lab has assembled a massive database of scientific, social scientific, and humanistic literature. This working group is charged with developing methods for the application of unique identifiers to named entities such as authors and institutions, as well as to novel, augmented metadata entities such as “concepts”, “methods”, and “contexts”.

The Working Group meets regularly to share ideas, tools, methods, and disambiguated metadata. 

Disambiguation Working Group

Daniel Acuna – Northwestern University

Luis Amaral – Northwestern University

William Catino – University of Chicago

Stephen David – Oregon Health and Science University

Eamon Duede – University of Chicago

Konrad Kording – Northwestern University, RIC

Tim Weninger – Notre Dame University