Valentin Danchev

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago

Valentin Danchev is a computational sociologist. He uses network analysis, computational models, text analysis, and large-scale databases to study how patterns of connectivity in social, spatial, and semantic networks influence differences in outcomes, such as replicable discoveries, innovation, mobility opportunities, and inequality.

At Knowledge Lab, Valentin conducts a large-scale evaluation of the robustness and replicability of tens of thousands of research results published in the biomedical literature and examines what network structures of scientific communities contribute to robust, replicable discoveries. He also examines the interplay of social, biological, and organizational mechanisms inducing robust innovations in oncology research.

Valentin holds a DPhil (PhD) in Development Studies from the University of Oxford, where he was also affiliated with the networks research group at the Mathematical Institute. Prior to that, he received his MA from the University of Essex and his BA from the University of Sofia, both in Sociology.