Peter Muhlberger

Research Scientist, University of Chicago

Peter Muhlberger is a Research Scientist at University of Chicago’s Knowledge Lab, where his interests include public understanding of science, misinformation, and the application of neural natural language understanding. Previously, he was a National Science Foundation (NSF) Program Director for data-intensive research and political science. He also served as a senior analyst for NSF’s National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics. Dr. Muhlberger designed and directed research on Carnegie Mellon University's Virtual Agora Project, a NSF-funded project investigating the political, social, and psychological effects of computer-mediated political engagement.  He was also principal investigator on the Deliberative E-Rulemaking Project, a NSF-funded project applying multi-level deliberation to federal agency online rulemaking. Dr. Muhlberger received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Michigan.  He has published in such journals as Political Psychology, Political Communication, the Journal of Information Technology and Politics, and Information Polity.