Linzhou Li

Graduate Student, University of Chicago

I am a PhD student in Chicago Sociology Department. My research interest is mostly related to economic and cultural change. More specifically, I made efforts in understanding questions such as the substitution and generalization of social, cultural and ideological values; reasoning based upon (and constrained by) the cultural system; and the self-organization of local financial and economic behaviors. 

I employ intensively state-of-the-art computational methods as well as traditional ethnographic tools to guide my research. A most recent project of mine applies a new embedding technique to embed words and tags into hyperbolic space to uncover the hidden hierarchical structure of 21st century physics. I am also collaborating with my colleague Shilin Jia to uncover cultural and ideological autonomy using China’s newspaper People’s Daily from 1946 to 2003.

Before coming to Chicago, I received my BA and MA degree from Tsinghua University.