Joshua Mausolf

Graduate RA, University of Chicago

Joshua Mausolf is a Ph.D. candidate studying sociology at the University of Chicago and a New York University alumnus. He comes to the Computation Institute with experience in machine learning, data-mining, natural language processing, social network visualization, and regression analysis. At the Knowledge Lab, Joshua is working on a project with Aaron Gerow, Bowen Lou, Eamon Duede, and James Evans. This collaboration builds a hypergraph of academics across multiple institutions and predicts future network collaborations using machine learning.
Beyond this project, Joshua is also interested in applying computational methods to a broad range of research questions in sociology, economics, political science, and public policy such as predicting high school dropouts, analyzing presidential speech rhetoric, or understanding how social networks can influence inequality and shape our understanding of organizational behavior in elite hiring firms. 
A sample of his work is available on Github and