Di Tong

Graduate Student, University of Chicago

I’m a student in the Computational Social Science Master’s program with a concentration in sociology. My major research interest lies in stratification and inequality, political sociology as well as computational text analysis. Specifically, I’m interested in studying political discourse, cultural norms, public perceptions and attitudes regarding distributive justice; the causes and consequences of economic disparities and the social conditions that mediate and moderate these processes.

Currently, at the Knowledge lab, I’m applying word embedding techniques on massive-scale job ads data to examine the underlying geometry of skill coordination that shapes social lives centered at the labor division. I’m also working on a project that examines the relationship between perceived inequality and political trust in East Asian societies. My previous work utilizes topic modeling to trace the transforming biopolitics in China from 1956-2003 through the lens of the changing official discourse on the birth planning policy.

Before coming to Chicago, I completed my undergraduate degree at Tsinghua University majoring in English Language and Literature.