Chen Liang

Graduate Student, University of Chicago

I am a first-year MACSS student with a concentration on sociology. My research interest is mostly related to how individual preferences aggregate into collective actions through social networks. My long-term goal is to integrate Machine Learning, Agent-Based Modeling, Social Network Analysis, and potentially other computational methods to explain current and historical social procedures from a more individualist perspective. Qualitatively, I am also interested in how modern algorithms and technologies are shaping political values and narratives: For example, how the definitions of sovereignty and privacy have changed in the past twenty years.

Before coming to the University of Chicago, I studied public policy, computer science, and statistics at the University of Michigan and graduated with high distinction. I also worked closely with several research institutes at Peking University and interned at the American Enterprise Institute in D.C. The topics of my previous research projects span from American activism to Chinese internet censorship and the global supply chain.