Brendan Chambers

Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Chicago

Brendan is a creative data scientist specializing in complex interconnected systems. He performed his PhD research in the MacLean Laboratory for Cortical Circuits and Network Neuroscience, studying emergent activity patterns in the neurons of neocortex. His current work is situated at the intersection between machine learning, communication networks, and the sociology of science.

Brendan has been recognized as an NSF S-STEM Fellow in Computation & Modeling and an NSF IGERT Fellow in the Neural Control of Movement. His work in collaboration with Dr. Jason MacLean was nominated for a Hot Topic Award by the Society for Neuroscience and distinguished as a Top 50 Most-Downloaded Article by PLOS Computational Biology.

Brendan grew up in Iowa and studied computer science at Oberlin College. He is a hobbyist electronic musician and climber. You can find him on Twitter via @societyoftrees.