Austin Kozlowski

Graduate RA, University of Chicago

I am a doctoral candidate in the Chicago sociology department. My research focuses on the questions of how belief systems are structured and why certain ideas "go together." By applying state-of-the-art computational methods, I attempt to shed new light on these age-old questions from the sociology of knowledge and culture.


At Knowledge Lab, I have developed ways to use word embedding models to discover cultural categories and associations in text. This work has culminated in a recent article, co-authored with James Evans and Matt Taddy, published in the American Sociological Review. I am now engaged in a project with James Evans and Hyunku Kwon that explores how AI can be harnessed for social scientific analysis.


Before coming to the University of Chicago, I earned my BA in Sociology at the University of Michigan and worked as a research associate with the Chitwan Valley Family Study at the UM Institute for Social Research. During my time at Michigan, I conducted research on the effects of agricultural technology adoption among subsistence farm households in Nepal.