Adarsh Mathew

Masters student, University of Chicago

I'm a computational social scientist working to straddle the worlds of sociology, network science, and machine learning. I'm interested in exploring the relationship between networked identities and the propagation of knowledge: how individuals and communities work to form and evaluate epistemological practices; the role their networks and identities play in this process; the effect of hierarchies and narrative structures in this dialectical process.

At the Knowledge Lab, I work on projects that examine ideology and conflict in online communities, using networks and language processing methods to describe user and community behaviour, especially in contentious and radical political communities. My research interests also span the philosophy of science and computing, formal network epistemology, and the interplay between algorithmic decision-making and the structural imperatives that make data collection possible. I’m currently pursuing an MA in Computational Social Science at the University of Chicago.

Before my time at the University of Chicago, I worked for a tech firm based in the Bay Area, and as an international development consultant. I have a Masters' and Bachelors' degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering from IIT Kharagpur, which served as my introduction to statistical learning, and optimization & heuristic methods. I call Hyderabad home, and have a soft corner for speculative science fiction (Ted Chiang & Ken Liu) and high fantasy, along with general soccer nerdiness.

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