Our people are leaders in the fields of human genetics, sociology, mathematics, history, evolutionary biology, English literature and psychology, from the nations most prestigous institutions. About a third come from a computational modeling background who are interested in identifying and modeling knowledge generation and transmission processes. The remaining two thirds take the long view of science and scholarship and bring their expertise into meaningful conversations and research on topics that are of interest to them and to the Lab as a whole.

In the Limelight

Eamon Duede

Special Advisor, Knowledge Lab, University of Chicago

Eamon served as the Executive Director of Knowledge Lab from 2013 - 2017. He held a key leadership role in strategic and operational planning and management. He was responsible for coordinating day-to-day research activities, asset allocation and distribution (including a major regranting program), supporting and driving key negotiations, as well as acting as a high-level interface between the Center, its partners, and industry.

Eamon holds a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy and has served as an instructor of various logics, and a lecturer in philosophy (ethics, epistemology, and the history of philosophy) and is currently persuing a Ph.D in the Philosophy and Sociology of Science from the University of Chicago's Committee on the Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science.

His academic interests are focused on the constellation of problems fixed around the concepts ‘perception’, ‘belief’, and ‘knowledge’. Philosophy and Sociology of Science; Bayesian Epistemology; the Science of Data; the Role of Mathematical and Statistical Models in Knowledge Creation, Ratification, Propagation, and Rejection; Statistical Inference (Deduction, Induction, and Abduction).

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Daniel Lord Smail

Professor, History, Harvard University

I am a student of early human history; in my teaching and research, I cover a span of time from humanity’s deep history in Africa to Mediterranean Europe in the later middle ages. The overarching intellectual project of my work in recent years has been to identify and develop new frames or narratives for binding human history together into a seamless whole.

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