Our people are leaders in the fields of human genetics, sociology, mathematics, history, evolutionary biology, English literature and psychology, from the nations most prestigous institutions. About a third come from a computational modeling background who are interested in identifying and modeling knowledge generation and transmission processes. The remaining two thirds take the long view of science and scholarship and bring their expertise into meaningful conversations and research on topics that are of interest to them and to the Lab as a whole.

In the Limelight

Brooke Adams

Undergraduate RA, University of Chicago

I am a third year undergraduate majoring in Mathematics and the History and Philosophy of Science. I'm most interested in studying the history of statistics and/or the evolution of the role of women in science. At the knowledge lab, I am working on a project that maps academic affiliations among faculty members at the University of Chicago in order to predict future collaborations. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies and reading. 

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Stefan de Jong

Marie Curie Fellow, University of Chicago

Stefan de Jong is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Knowledge Lab and an assistant professor at the Department of Organization Studies of Tilburg University in the Netherlands. He is interested in how science and broader society influence each other. The European Commission sponsors his current project ‘Invisible Forces’, which aims to understand the contribution of professional staff of universities to academic knowledge development. To this end Stefan combines network analysis with ethnographic research. More information about this project and other ongoing work is available on his personal website.

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