Knowledge Lab Student Engagement

November 6th, 2013 in General News, Knowledge Lab News,

Knowledge Lab PosterOn Friday, November 1st, the Center for Research Informatics and the Computation Institute put on a Student Engagement event at the University of Chicago. During a "Flash Talk", James Evans, Knowledge Lab Director, told a group of more than 60 undergraduate and graduate students at the event that "there are a number of ways in which you can get involved with Knowledge Lab."

Specifically, Knowledge Lab is interested in engaging with talented undergraduates on a few projects in particular. For instance, Knowledge Lab is currently thinking about ways in which students can help us move forward with a project called Street Scope. In this project, we are interested in whether and to what extent a city's relative levels of crime, safety, poverty, wealth, and education are available to sight. When we look at our environment, to what extent is something like safety visible? To what extent are these features visibly encoded in our environments? It turns out that these features are rather well encoded and easily accessible to sight. The next step is to build classifiers for these features and train machines to detect them, as well. For that, Knowledge Lab would like to engage with talented students like those at the University of Chicago.

After the Flash Talks, Knowledge Lab Postdoctoral Scholars and Research Engineers met with students one-on-one for a poster (shown here) session.