Eamon Duede

Executive Director, Knowledge Lab. Administrator, Metaknowledge Research Network, University of Chicago

Eamon serves a key leadership role in strategic and operational planning and management. He is responsible for coordinating day-to-day research activities, asset allocation and distribution (including a major regranting program), supporting and driving key negotiations, as well as acting as a high-level interface between the Center, its partners, and industry. Recently, Eamon has designed and spearheaded a major (and on going) strategic and technical shift to cloud implementations of Knowledge Lab's exploratory research tools and datasets.

Eamon holds undergraduate and advanced degrees in philosophy and has served as an instructor of various logics, and a lecturer in philosophy (ethics, epistemology, and the history of philosophy).

His academic interests are focused on the constellation of problems fixed around the concepts ‘perception’, ‘belief’, and ‘knowledge’. Eamon is also interested in the philosophy of biology (particularly evolution), logics, and mathematics.

Recent Publications:

Eamon Duede and Victor Zhorin. “Convergence of Economic Growth and the Great Recession as Seen From a Celestial Observatory." EPJ Data Science, 2016
Misha Teplitskiy, Grace Lu, and Eamon Duede. “Amplifying the Impact of Open Access: Wikipedia and the Diffusion of Science." Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology, 2016
Winner: Best Student Paper, 2015, Association for Information Science Technology, special interest group for Measurement of Information Production & Use
Yadu Babuji, Kyle Chard, Aaron Gerow, and Eamon Duede. “Cloud Kotta: Secure and Scalable Data Analytics in the Cloud." IEEE BigData 2016, 2016
Yadu Babuji, Kyle Chard, Aaron Gerow, and Eamon Duede. “A Secure Data Enclave and Analytics Platform for Social Scientists." IEEE eScience, 2016, 2016
Misha Teplitskiy, Grace Lu, and Eamon Duede. “The Transmission of Scientific Knowledge toWikipedia." International Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM‘15 Oxford, UK), 2015
Aaron Gerow, Bowen Lou, Eamon Duede, and James A. Evans. “Classification and Link Prediction in a Text-Mined Hypergraph of Academic Relationships." SocInfo2015, 2015